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EJB..Series enclosures - Aluminium


EJB..Series enclosures - Aluminium

Material Aluminium with low content of copper
IP Rating
IP65, IP66, IP67 with flanged joint coated with silicone grease
Ambient temperature -50°C to +55°C
-20°C to +55°C (IECEx Certificate)
Approvals INERIS 00ATEX0021X
IECEx INE 10.0015X

Ex-d IIB T(**) Gb or Ex-d IIB+H2 T(**) Gb
Ex-tb IIIC T(**) Db IP65 or 66 or 67
** T6/T85°C, T5/T100°C, T4/T135°C, T3/T200°C
II 2(1) GD
Ex-d [ia Ga] IIB T6 Gb or Ex-d [ia Ga] IIB+H2 T6 Gb
Ex-tb [ia Da] IIIC T85°C Db IP65 or 66 or 67
II 2(2) GD
Ex-d [ib] IIB T6 Gb or Ex-d [ib] IIB+H2 T6 Gb
Ex-tb [ib] IIIC T85°C Db IP65 or 66 or 67
NOTE: under IEC Ex directive, enclosures are suitable for IIB group of gases/dusts only

Surface treatment Green colour polyurethane painting cycle RAL6003 (other colour available upon request)
Entries Metric pitch 1.5, ANSI B1.20.1 NPT, UNI-6125
Hardware and screws
AISI316 Stainless steel external screws
Standard certificate label
Made by self adhesive UV and corrosion resistant polyester, approved by INERIS Laboratory
Accessories available upon request
Mounting brackets
Drain/breather valve
Door handle
Internal anticondensate painting
Traffolyte/Stainless steel certificate label

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